About us

Our History

Since May 2007, we have become one of the leaders in the care of natural and ethnic hair in South New Jersey. We take pride in helping you look the best, giving you the best hair styling and care solutions at prices that are competitive in a clean, spacious, friendly atmosphere.

We are experienced in all types of hair and specialize in natural and ethnic hair. Our clientele are African American and Latino females of all ages and backgrounds. To meet your hair needs and personal expectations, our team members have been carefully and extensively trained in the "Dominican way of doing hair." We utilize top of the line hair products and heat protecting products to accomplish straight hair without causing hair damage.

Our Staff

Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, the staff at Dominican Hair Designs, LLC is what truly makes our hair shop spectacular. Each person has a distinct set of skills and a personality that suits our outlook and our clients. Because we are diverse, we are able to accommodate you with the right fit, ensuring your time spent with us is the most relaxing and rewarding experience you will ever have.


Dominican Hair Designs, LLC aims to provide the finest hair care services in the most comfortable environment.

Our Location

Conveniently located, salon has separated rooms for each service and 2800 feet of working space, as well as  parking for 24 cars. Appointments are needed to be served.